Who is IGO? 

IGO Limited, an ASX 100 listed company, is on a mission to pave the way for a more sustainable planet. Their focus on discovering, developing, and delivering products critical to clean energy has positioned them as a purpose-driven organisation with a profound commitment to caring for both people and stakeholders. 

In their journey to make a difference, IGO is dedicated to safely, sustainably, and ethically providing the essential products that drive the global transition to decarbonisation

Yet, IGO’s ambitions reach further; they are committed to exploring new resources to ensure a sustainable supply of clean energy metals for the world.

In this pursuit, IGO faced a crucial challenge: establishing a robust telecommunications infrastructure that could support their vision. 

Their corporate office and remote mine sites required a telecommunications partner that understood their unique needs and shared their commitment to innovation. 

Discontent with East Coast-based carriers, they turned to CorpCloud, a local Western Australian telecommunications company, for a solution.

CorpCloud embarked on a transformational journey, overhauling IGO’s wide area (WAN) and local network (LAN) infrastructure. This upgrade extended across both metropolitan and remote mine sites. 

The overarching goal was to consolidate data centre operations, boost Wi-Fi connectivity, and align the network with IGO’s future IT roadmap. 

The result was a comprehensive suite of solutions that addressed IGO’s specific needs:

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Kevin D’Sylva Group IT Manager for IGO talks about CorpCloud’s services

What did we provide

MPLS Network: CorpCloud’s substantial bandwidth upgrades enhanced productivity, reduced operational costs, and facilitated smoother data transfers across IGO’s sites.

Data Centre: Data center services provided by CorpCloud strengthened data security, protecting IGO’s most sensitive information from cyber threats and data breaches.

ISP Internet: Improved internet connectivity bolstered access to online resources and communication channels.

Microwave: Incorporating microwave technology improved data transfer capabilities, further optimizing network performance.

WiFi: Upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity ensured a seamless and efficient IT experience for IGO’s workforce.

Satellite: Satellite connections were seamlessly integrated to ensure reliable network access, particularly in remote mine sites.

This collaboration has not only enhanced operational efficiency through significant bandwidth upgrades but has also profoundly impacted the well-being of IGO’s remote FIFO workers, enabling them to stay connected with their families and friends consistently. 

This initiative has, in turn, cultivated a more content and productive workforce. 

Recent Upgrades

IGO Cosmos Village Entertainment and WIFI: 

In response to the evolving needs of IGO’s Cosmos Village, CorpCloud recently executed a substantial upgrade to the entertainment and Wi-Fi infrastructure. The focus was on providing maximum download speeds to enhance the overall internet experience for residents. 

This upgrade aligns with IGO’s commitment to providing a holistic and connected environment for its workforce.

CorpCloud’s tailored solutions have not only addressed IGO’s immediate challenges but have also positioned them to meet future IT requirements as they continue to lead the way in sustainable and clean energy practices. 

The recent upgrade to IGO Cosmos Village further underscores CorpCloud’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that positively impact the overall work environment.

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