Digital Transformation for Juniper

Who is Juniper

Juniper, a prominent aged care agency with over 70 years of experience, sought to modernise its IT infrastructure to better support the evolving needs of the aging population. Recognising the imperative for transformation, Juniper partnered with CorpCloud, a leading managed service provider (MSP) and internet service provider (ISP).

Services Provided by CorpCloud:

MPLS Network Enhancement: CorpCloud implemented a robust MPLS network solution, optimizing data transfer and communication between Juniper’s metropolitan and rural sites. This upgrade facilitated seamless connectivity across the entire organisation.

Unified Communications Platform: The introduction of CorpCloud’s Unified Communications platform revolutionised Juniper’s voice services. This integration streamlined communication channels, fostering collaboration among care teams and improving overall operational efficiency.

Device as a Service (DaaS): CorpCloud’s Device as a Service model allowed Juniper to lease essential hardware like iPads, smartphones, and Microsoft Surface Books. This innovative approach, named ‘Care on the Go,’ empowered caregivers and nurses to update health records and engage with residents wherever they felt most comfortable.

Mobile Device Management: Juniper’s mobile devices were efficiently managed and secured through CorpCloud’s Mobile Device Management services. This ensured the proper configuration, updates, and security of devices, contributing to a more reliable and secure mobile environment.

Transformational Outcomes:

Flexible Care Delivery: The ‘Care on the Go’ initiative transformed the way care is delivered. Caregivers and nurses gained the flexibility to update health records and interact with residents, fostering a more personalised and responsive approach.

Enhanced Resident Engagement: The introduction of iPads and Wi-Fi services facilitated daily technology use for Juniper residents. This not only enabled seamless communication with family and friends but also opened avenues for technology integration in therapy practices and recreational activities.

Improved Staff Productivity: Staff at Juniper experienced increased flexibility in their work, allowing for more collaborative engagement with residents. This resulted in more efficient care delivery while upholding the security and privacy of residents’ personal information.

CorpCloud’s strategic implementation of MPLS network enhancement, Unified Communications, Device as a Service, and Mobile Device Management has successfully propelled Juniper into a new era of digital transformation. The initiative has not only improved operational efficiency but has also positively impacted the lives of residents, promoting a connected and technologically enriched environment within Juniper’s aged care facilities.

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