Revolutionising Healthcare Connectivity

Clinical Integration Services (CIS) is a prominent medical group specialising in integrated diagnostic and consultation services. As a leading privately owned healthcare provider in Australia, CIS operates across Western Australia and Victoria, boasting over 100 dedicated employees.

This case study explores how CIS partnered with CorpCloud, to transform its IT infrastructure and enhance the efficiency of patient care.

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CorpCloud Services

CorpCloud implemented a robust MPLS network, ensuring secure and fast transfer of patient data to all CIS sites.

Reliable and high-speed internet services were provided to enhance overall connectivity and data transfer capabilities.

CorpCloud’s own Coras solution, optimised voice services to streamline communication within CIS, promoting effective collaboration.

Improved Wi-Fi connectivity was implemented to ensure seamless access to critical information across all CIS sites.

CorpCloud offers 24×7 support, addressing network and IT concerns and ensuring the reliability of CIS’s IT infrastructure.

Partnering with CorpCloud

CIS sought a telecommunications partner in Western Australia with a deep understanding of their future IT roadmap. Their goal was to collaborate with an innovative company capable of providing solutions for the safe, secure, and rapid transfer of patient data across all sites.

CorpCloud, aligned with CIS’s mission for integrated healthcare services, embarked on an initiative to overhaul WAN and LAN across Western Australia and Victoria, auditing and optimising the entire IT environment.


Dr Phillip Currie a cardiologist, CEO and founder of Clinical Integration Services.

Implementation of Tailored Telecommunications Call Centre:

Understanding CIS’s commitment to delivering high-quality medical services and exceptional patient experiences, CorpCloud implemented a tailored telecommunications call centre.

This initiative aimed to eliminate lengthy wait times and provide immediate live reporting, ensuring efficient communication within the organisation.

Confidence in Emergency Response:

CorpCloud’s solutions instilled confidence in CIS’s ability to respond quickly to emergency cases.

The fast transfer of patient data and optimised communication channels allowed for swift decision-making and response to critical situations.

Outstanding Patient Care:

With concerns about IT reliability alleviated, the CIS team could focus on their primary role—delivering outstanding healthcare to patients. The partnership with CorpCloud streamlined IT operations, enabling CIS to concentrate on providing quality medical services

By implementing cutting-edge solutions and tailoring services to meet specific needs, CorpCloud empowered CIS to deliver exceptional patient care while ensuring the security and efficiency of their IT infrastructure.

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