Deservedly earning its reputation as one of Perth’s best, Monsterella has a simple approach that produces mouth-watering results. Ryan Bookless and partner Tania Nicolo’s casual neighbourhood pizza joint set a new bar for woodfired pies in Perth when they opened their Wembley eatery in 2015. 

What did we provide

  • ISP Internet
  • Voice Services
  • WiFi

As one of Perth’s most popular, and certainly busiest pizza restaurants, its owners Ryan and Tania were looking for ways they could not only increase their phone orders, but also provide a better experience for their customers.

Previously, they received orders on one cordless phone, with customers experiencing lengthy wait times or getting engaged signals. CorpCloud provided them with a tailored voice solution that included unlimited call lines, call queues and on-hold messaging.

The ability to answer and control more calls, especially at peak times, resulted in an increase of staff to answer the influx of calls, with CorpCloud providing additional handsets.

CorpCloud also provided a more suitable ISP internet connection and installed a guest Wi-Fi for their patrons.

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