Monsterella Pizza

Deservedly earning its reputation as one of Perth’s best, Monsterella has a simple approach that produces mouth-watering results. Ryan Bookless and partner Tania Nicolo’s casual neighbourhood pizza joint set a new bar for woodfired pies in Perth when they opened their Wembley eatery in 2015.

As one of the busiest and most beloved pizza restaurants in the area, Monsterella aimed to enhance their phone order process and elevate the overall customer experience

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Before engaging CorpCloud, Monsterella grappled with limitations in their telecommunications system, relying on a single cordless phone for orders. Prolonged wait times and engaged signals impacted efficiency and customer satisfaction. Recognising the need for a robust solution, Ryan and Tania turned to CorpCloud to address their telecommunications and connectivity challenges.

CorpCloud Services

CorpCloud, leveraging its cutting-edge telephony product Coras, identified critical areas for improvement and implemented tailored solutions for Monsterella:

  • ISP Internet Connection: CorpCloud provided Monsterella with a more reliable and suitable ISP internet connection to ensure seamless operations.
  • Coras Voice Services: The Coras voice solution introduced unlimited call lines, call queues, and on-hold messaging, streamlining the ordering process and enhancing customer communication.
  • Wi-Fi Installation: CorpCloud installed a guest Wi-Fi network, enriching the customer experience and providing an additional amenity to attract and retain patrons.


The implementation of Coras by CorpCloud led to significant improvements for Monsterella:

  • Increased Order Efficiency: Coras empowered Monsterella to manage a higher volume of calls, especially during peak times, resulting in a remarkable 30% increase in orders on key trading nights.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers enjoyed reduced wait times and improved communication, contributing to an overall positive dining experience.
  • Staff Expansion: The surge in phone orders prompted an increase in staffing levels. CorpCloud, with Coras, seamlessly provided additional handsets to efficiently handle the influx of calls.

CorpCloud’s partnership with Monsterella, driven by the transformative capabilities of Coras, revolutionised their telecommunications infrastructure.

The enhanced connectivity, advanced voice services, and guest Wi-Fi not only addressed Monsterella’s immediate needs but positioned them as a tech-savvy, customer-focused establishment in Perth’s competitive restaurant landscape.

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