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Innovative Solutions Holistic Unified Cloud, Voice Communications, VPN Networks, Internet & Security Solutions.

Feature 1

Cloud Solutions

Partner with us for your Cloud Infrastructure including: Virtual Servers, SSD Storage, SQL Databases, Back up & more. Delivered as Public Cloud or Secure Private Cloud connected directly to your network. Turn up and scale 100's of Australian based servers in seconds or choose from one of 17 regions throughtout the Globe. Add, Change, Manage or Monitor your Servers via the CloudSys Console.

Feature 2

VPN & Network Solutions

Connect your Offices to our Private MPLS VPN Network Solution. Connectivity options include: Fibre, Ethernet, Microwave, Satellite, NBN & DSL Technologies. Prioritise your important data and applications with our multi level Quality of Service (QoS). Monitor Availability, throughput & latancy via the CloudSys Console, all backed with our comprehensive (SLA) Service Level Agreement.

Feature 3

Voice Collaboration

Transform how you Communicate with our Unified Communications platform. Features include: Any Device Find Me Follow me, Unified Messaging, Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Advanced Contact Centre functions & more. If you currently have a unified system save money with our SIP voice service and stop paying ISDN or PSTN costs. Add, Change & Manage your Telephone users via the CloudSys Console.

Feature 4

Internet & Security

Experience High-Speed Internet. Connectivity options include Fibre, Ethernet, Microwave, Satellite, NBN & DSL. Protect your Business with our Next Generation Firewalls. Features options include: URL Filtering, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Active Threat Screening & Malware Detection. Reporting & Management via CloudSys including: Port Management, Traffic by protocol, Traffic by user & more

CloudSys Management Console:

A Complete Web Based Platform To Administer, Manage & Monitor All Corpcloud Solutions

Holistic Cloud & Communications Solutions // Enterprise Grade Products // High Availability // 24/7 Support // CloudSys Management Console For All Solutions