Minesite Connectivity

Hundreds of kilometres of microwave in the middle of the outback is the simple part of what we do. We design and build holistic solutions unique to the industry.

  • Remote carrier fibre interconnection
  • Remote low orbit satellite connectivity delivering 500Mb with 45ms latency
  • Design, construct and management of long-haul microwave infrastructure:
  • Feasibility surveys & network design
  • Tower fabrication & construction
  • Custom remote communications huts
  • Solar & power design
  • Licenced microwave network delivering 1GB to the remote areas


What is Minesite Connectivity?

Minesite Connectivity is a service that provides users with access to network, data and WiFi services in remote underground and surface mining operations. It allows operators to manage, troubleshoot, deploy and monitor all networks, applications and devices, as well as wireless access points, which can allow for improved safety, productivity and communication in the workplace.

What are the benefits of Minesite Connectivity?

1. Increasing Operational Efficiency: Minesite Connectivity can provide a unified platform to allow the sharing of data and information across all areas of the mine site, allowing for improved communication, collaboration, and productivity gains.

2. Improved Decision Making: By having access to all data and information, decisions can be made faster and more accurately, leading to better decision-making in the organisation.

3. Enhancing Safety: Being able to access all necessary data and information quickly and accurately can help improve safety on the Minesite as well as allow for compliance with safety regulations.

What type of technology does CorpCloud use for Minesite Connectivity?

CorpCloud uses satellite technology which includes the use of High Throughput Satellites (HTS). This provides high-capacity and cost-effective solutions for a range of mining operations, including corporate office applications, mining applications, emergency services and remote-area video surveillance.

How secure is my data with CorpCloud’s Minesite Connectivity?

CorpCloud’s Minesite Connectivity is designed to be highly secure, with various measures in place to protect your data. All of our systems are implemented with highly secure connections and data transmissions are encrypted using the latest industry-standard security technologies. We also use a secure private cloud platform which provides additional security layers and enables secure access from anywhere. Furthermore, our dedicated team monitors and ensures your networks remain secure from any cyber threats.

What support does CorpCloud offer for Minesite Connectivity?

CorpCloud offers a range of support services including installation, maintenance, and 24/7 remote support. We also provide customised end-to-end solutions for secure internet access, voice and data services, VoIP, Voice over LTE/4G, and Wi-Fi coverage.

Furthermore, CorpCloud provides civil, electrical, and optical fibre construction services to ensure successful connection and communication between mines and urban areas.