About Us

About Us

Jonathan Matthews and James Reid founded CorpCloud in 2014 on a fundamental principle that the customer always comes first. This hasn’t changed. 

At CorpCloud, it is why we exist. We continually innovate to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Ultimately, what we do has to add practical value and improvement to the daily experience of our customers.

We are explorers

Corpcloud is born from a spirit of exploration and never being done.

We’ll never avoid unfamiliar ground when we’re innovating for our customers.

We take bold, calculated risks to achieve big outcomes.

Creditability doesn’t just happen, it’s a muscle we deliberately develop to become better explorers.

We embrace being unique

Breaking new ground means thinking differently, creating different ways of working and ultimately giving us our unique identity.

We value diversity in people, their views and their positive impact on our ability to innovate

We explore and build on ideas of others and never dismiss them. Even seemingly bad ideas can lead to great ones.

We change things for the better

We seek opportunities to make a meaningful difference for our customers, people we work with, and the community we live in.

We’re continually developing practices that create quality and allow us to move faster.

We create simplicity and clarity.

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