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CorpCloud Softphone Login Help

How to log in to your CorpCloud Softphone

To log in to your CorpCloud Softphone, your company administrator must have issued you with a CorpCloud CloudSys username and password. Your username is typically your work email address.

How it works

When you log in to your CorpCloud Softphone as yourself, our system directs the Softphone to authenticate to your organisation’s Unified Communications Server with the correct credentials. This will associate your CloudSys phone numbers with the Softphone, in addition to any other devices you are using such as hard desk phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my login username for my Softphone, how do I find it?

Your login username is the same one you use to log in to CloudSys and is typically your work email address. If you cannot remember it, your company administrator can find it for you.

I am getting an Authentication Failed error or have forgotten my password

Follow this link to reset your CloudSys password. You will need to know your login username.

I am getting a No Available Licenses error

Your organisation has run out of CorpCloud Softphone licenses and needs to purchase some more. Please refer this on to your company admninistrator.

I am getting an Internal Server Error error

This is a CorpCloud system fault. Please report it to your company administrator who will refer it on to CorpCloud Support.